Brenda Young
Therapeutic Services for Body-Mind-Spirit

Body Mind Connection Coaching

Body / Mind Connection Coaching - $145 (90 minute session)

Did you know that whatever emotion or thought you feel gets stored somewhere in your body?

It's often called the Body/Mind Connection. We have different locations that we will store particular emotions, stress, events, and traumas. And depending on your particular constitution and structure, those toxic emotions will bring out your genetic weaknesses. Louise Hay was one of the pioneers in bringing this information to us. In her book "You Can Heal Your Life", she connects particular health issues with probable thoughts and emotions, and offers positive affirmations as a way of turning those unhealthy thoughts and emotions around.

Many people don't realize their thoughts, beliefs and emotions are buried so far beneath the surface of the consciousness, they don't even know it's affecting them. This energy builds up over time, adding to and confirming the beliefs or thoughts that were created back in the past. We do this, unconsciously, by attracting to us experiences that confirm our beliefs, based on what we feel about a particular subject or person. Because we are always flowing our energy (even if its unconsciously), it becomes unintentional misdirected energy. What we end up with is more of the same thing, because we are misfiling our past in to our present.

Have you ever had the same type of experience show up with different people, or at a different time? That is because you were sending out energy about something, feeling a particular way, or having thoughts about that person, and attracting back to you (through the Law of Attraction and Vibration) confirmation of your beliefs. What we need to do is create new thought patterns. This will change the energy of our beliefs and emotions, and effectively create healthier, more vibrant bodies.

I offer a blend of concepts, tools, and techniques to raise your vibration and enhance your health wellbeing. Through a series of sessions, we explore new ways of letting go of the unhealthy thoughts and emotions. This series includes bodywork, energy healing and coaching as well as balancing the body and mind with the goals of the heart.