Brenda Young
Therapeutic Services for Body-Mind-Spirit

About the Practitioner

Brenda Young, LMT, ACC

Hi, I'm Brenda Young, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Accredited Coach. I have been a professional therapist for 32 years, and have spent this time focusing on how to help a body heal inside and out. By integrating a variety of techniques to clear stress or injury, we address the physical, mental, and emotional levels where issues have caused imbalances, fatigue, or pain. I take an eclectic approach when working with an individual, customizing each session to fit the client's needs and lifestyle.

I enjoy helping people restore their health and wellbeing, and as a Licensed Instructor and CE provider, I enjoy teaching others how to do this, too. With a passion for nutrition, anatomy/physiology, and biopsychology, I love working with the body and I am committed to continually upgrading my techniques and approach.

Having had my own physical pains (sciatica, whiplash, carpal tunnel) and health issues (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, candida, and shingles), I have learned what works to aid the body in recovery. I know what it takes to clear these issues and restore energy, function, and quality of life. 

I am happy to share my "secrets" with you.